The unstyled projects.


I'll build unstyled projects to focus on functionality

Trying to build every month a project 09/01/2024

In 2024 I’d like to start a new journey (a good intention!) and plan to initiate a new project every month (approximately). This isn’t the first time I’ve attempted project-building; in fact, I registered the domain onemonthprojects.dev in January 2022. However, I have yet to start anything or create a website for this domain.



The primary goal is to build as many projects as possible, but why unstyled? It’s not related to color/font or anything similar; rather, I aim to prioritize functionality over aesthetics. This decision stems from past experiences where I spent considerable time designing a simple button, only to realize that months had passed without substantial progress. Now, my focus is on building things and concentrating on content.

Will it be the right one? I hope.

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