The unstyled projects.

Welcome to my 1 month projects journey!

Hey! I'm DiFra 人 and I'm a developer by day and an aspiring indie hacker by night.

With this simple site, I'd like to track each projects I build every month. Like all of you, I've an infinite list of ideas I want to build, but every time I lost the focus and don't build anything. For this reason, I decide to build this little styless website.

Mainly, my list is full of problems that I encounter during my daily life like:

  • Clipboard manager for macOS (I know, there are plenty out there, but I don't like them :D)
  • Vinyl management
  • Music updates
  • ...

I'll try to document each project with an article at the end of the development about:

  • The idea
  • The process
  • (why not) The validation (marketing)

The key of all my projects must be simplicity! (not overthinking). Like this website that follow unstyled and content-driven approach. Just build and release as fast as possibile to see if the idea is validate. If not, move on to the next one!

Stop talking, let's build!